Extinction Rebellion Shaman’s Whale Gathering

Extinction Rebellion Shaman’s Whale Gathering

Whale medicine teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms.

To recall why the shaman’s drum brings healing and peace is to align with Whale’s message. The drum is the universal heartbeat and aligns all beings heart to heart. Before the advent of speech and the primordial language, hand signs were used,and many tribes were silent most of the time. The language that was understood was the sounds of Great Spirit’s other creatures, the animals. Tap into these records and to allow yourself to be sung to by those who have the original language. We are the only creatures who do not have our own unique cry or call. Find yours. Allow your voice to use this sound to release tension or emotion.

Whale signals a time of finding your origins, of seeing your overall destiny as coded in your DNA, and of finding the sounds that will release those records. You may never again be the same. After all you are the melody of the Universe, and the harmony is the song of the other creatures. In using your voice to open your memory, you are expressing your uniqueness and your personal sound.

Whale has beached itself in our lives, contrary medicine implies that we are not following our sonar or homing devices. On some level we have forgotten that we hold all the answers we need to survive, to grow, and to claim the power of our chosen destiny. We need to use other sounds to enter the silence, The drum or rattle, the Indian flute, or the sounds of nature may help. The call of Whale is the lullaby of the tides. Rock yourself gently and float into the world of the sea. Flow with the waters of time, desire to know.
From Jamie sams Medicine Cards
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Oct 12 2019 - Oct 13 2019


4:00 pm - 5:00 am


Extinction Rebellion Mzansi
Extinction Rebellion Mzansi