International Rebellion Weeks

International Rebellion Weeks

Join Us as we do Sit ins, Marches, Rallies, and Direct Action at Government Departments, Media Houses, Corporate offices, Big polluting Developments, Block the Airport, No buy Days, and Much more. We are Targeting Polluting Corporations, mostly foreign multinationals, the government is another Target. Not only the department of environmental affairs but the all the other branches of governance responsible for ecocidal policies.

We mind mapping all the national Targets. In your area which factories, industries affect peoples health and that of the biosphere. Roadblocks are on the cards.

It makes sense for us to do coordinated anti corporate protests all over the country at the same time. Everyone signed up passionately, we now need to act now, to come together, to do talks in our Communities about climate change and extinction, mobilise people and disrupt everyday business as usual. Our lives depend on it, if there is any chance of humans and the biosphere making it through all this, it requires us to work together. It requires interconnected communities and far more people engagement and Worldwide.

The Rebellion is not a secret.

WE MUST REBEL NOW, everyday business as usual is going to make us go extinct. don’t worry about offending people by inconveniencing them, especially if they rich and ‘powerful’, that’s exactly what we want, a quick and rapid change. We mitigate for power.

Please check our Extinction rebellion Mzansi Facebook events page, or the website events page which has the feed.
Feel free to ask us questions. If you have new members or interested people please arrange for training.

We looking for venues to do talks, we have the South African version of the talk being held all around western Cape. We don’t have much time so book your date with us.


Oct 06 2019 - Oct 20 2019


10:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Extinction Rebellion South Africa
Extinction Rebellion South Africa