The Global Rebellion for Criminal Inaction on the Ecological Crisis Has Been Declared

Extinction Rebellion is inclusive, participatory, decentralized and autonomous with broad unifying  demands and  guiding principles.

You can join an existing branch or start your own XR local branch and register it on the global site:

It is great if you can form strong, close working groups and small trust circles so you will get the support you need to overcome negativity and be resilient.

Acting with integrity and compassion brings positivity and in the end we will know what we have done in the service of life. We believe that we must alert others about what is coming and would like to see the changes necessary to ensure survival for future generations.

There are lots of useful documents and printable material which we have been put together to help activists starting on this journey. We should always be open to new ideas and create safe spaces for creativity and debate.

Remember to support the following hashtags on social media channels:


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