SA National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Rebel for Life

South Africans should be aware of the National Climate Change Adaption Strategy.

The South African Government has been researching and planning for climate change for many years. There are documents going far back online. The issue seems to be that the Department of Environmental Affairs is a lone voice in the distant wilderness. If people understood the threat this presents many would take a stand. Extinction Rebellion South Africa want to spread awareness especially among the young people who will be most affected to give them a chance to respond themselves. Let’s help get this agenda to the front pages and on the Parliamentary House debates by mass public involvement. The time has come to be serious about Rebelling against the ongoing biodiversity loss, exploitation of our environment and eco-terrorism hurting all South Africans. There is much discussion about this in the international community and inside the platform being used by members of the global rebellion.

There is still time for comments on a National plan by the Department of Environmental affairs to help South Africans mitigate against harmful climate events.

People cannot depend on business as usual any longer. The time for radical change is now. There are many marginalized communities in South Africa who will bear the worst of the  initial impacts of global heating. South Africa needs to unite to face this threat.

The human species is facing a Climate Emergency, we must take a stand for the life support systems of the biosphere Join the Extinction Rebellion rebel for life.