Election Questions

Rebel for Life

Questions we’d like political parties to answer for the elections in 2019

1. AIR – How will your party ensure air quality for all South Africans? Beyond Paris Agreement. How do you plan to transform Toxic Industries (industries that are too toxic to continue). Will you introduce a curb on Air travel or continue to subsidize (highly polluting, fossil fuel intensive Air travel, do you see tourism as a viable industry in the light of the atmospheric disintegration? Military aircraft etc)

2. WATER – How will your party bring clean water to all communities?
Freshwater ecosystem health, Mine waste water, e.g. Vaal sewerage pollution, Ocean pollution from settlements, ships, nitrates, phosphates, potassium -and other Farm and Factory residues, water catchments in Mountains and Cities. How does your Party intend on dealing with the oppression of Lesotho with regards to water? Will your party allow the continuation of Invasive, exotic Timber Plantations in Catchment areas?

3. FOOD – How will your party ensure food security?
Response to insect apocalypse and collapsing ecosystems, are you willing to forward 100% Organic Farming methods to save soils(ecosystems and biota) for future generations. How will you reduce Carbon emissions from the agri sector to net zero by 2025? How do you intend to bring about participatory land management? (how will you bring everyone into the position to be earth repairers and carers)

4. FUEL – Emissions, Alternate Fuels and energy storage, weaning off fuels.
How will your Party arrange the Energy Complex, are you promoting Energy from Sewage Gas, Solar, Wind, Ocean-wave tech, geothermal that will be people owned and centred on eliminating waste and full phasing out of Fossil Fuels by 2025? How will you ensure community owned packaging to replace Plastics. Do you promote the use of Biofuels? How will you stop excessive use of Shipping to transport food, goods etc and grow local industries?

5. SHELTER – How do plan on calculating the ecological cost of Infrastructure in Housing and Industry? Will you allow massive private building projects from cement(Fossil fuel intensive) to continue for profits? How will you eliminate and reduce cement building based on the 6 years odd we have to phase out fossil fuels? Do you promote earth friendly building developments and self sufficient suburbs, villages, Towns, Microcities and in Mega cities? How will you house and arrange human settlements based on our resource stress.

6. SAFETY – How does your Party view Safety?
Do you favour increased militarisation and police type control of borders, neighborhoods, Townships and will you let private security companies continue protecting the assets of the rich and expanding to a size larger than our military and police forces? Or do you favour, community development, safe houses and communities for abused women, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, gangsterism. Do you promote rehabilitation from violence or further violence?

7. DETOX – How do you plan to protect the living tissue in our bodies(animals, plants, fungi and all our relations) and ecosystems?
How will you detox the people, soils, rivers and oceans from expose to radiation, toxic minerals and metals, and greater group of toxins entering our food chain and even after closing those industries how to rehabilitate our ourselves and reduce the harm already done to our bodies and immune systems, due to permanent genetic damages taken place. How will you remove the excess carbon dioxide from the air as the technological solutions mentioned in the climate change adaptation strategy have not been proven anywhere in the world to be scale-able or even possible?

8. BIOREMEDIATION – How much gravity does bioremediation play in mitigating climate risks for your party?
How do you intend to transform the factory farm industry? The overcrowding, inhumane treatment of factory farmed animals, mass slaughter of animals for export, live export of animals to countries with no protection of animal rights? The protection of wild species from habitat destruction? Are you aligned with the vision to double reserves? Do you see humans as part of nature reserves or should they be separate from wild systems? (Indignant rights to fish, hunt and gather plants). How will you set about protecting indigenous forest and assisting with their rehabilitation, tree planting projects, are you aware of the need to create food forests of mixed species in a mimic of natural forests for petroleum free generation?

9. MITIGATION How do you view Climate change mitigation?
Are you focused on infrastructure like walls to prevent flooding from rising sea levels? Do you plan to close Koeberg nuclear power station and not build anymore due to the risk of rising sea levels? Is mitigation of Climate change for you about resettlement of people who become victims of Climate disasters? How do you propose to we prepare for the preservation of civilization in a full global technological collapse, do you have plans for that or would we see militarization and a chaotic reaction, do you plan to respond to the risk now? Are you going to allow mining corporations to use all the freshwater? Do you value industry over water for people and ecosystems?

10. CLIMATE JUSTICE – How do view this concept?
Will your party petition, sue or negotiate reparations for slavery, colonialism, and land theft from indigenous people and for the mass genocide of culture, wild animals, cattle thefts, Poisoned and polluted lands? Will you demand Justice from the overly developed countries who are causing our genocide and extinction with the continued and previous use of fossil fuels and all manner of pollution left after their violent occupation of southern african territories? How will you create work for the plastic, coal, mine, metal, oil and etc. industry workers who will lose their jobs when we shut those industries due their unacceptable toxicity to the workers themselves, their families and the public at large?