Declaration Of Rebellion

Rebel for Life

15 April 2019 South Africa

The Extinction has begun. The droughts, cyclones and heavy rainfalls that we have been warned about are happening and it will accelerate if we do not act swiftly and robustly.

Our home, Africa, carries the largest impacts of climate change. Even though wealthiest 25% of the global population is responsible for more than 80% of all resource consumption and attendant pollution and emissions.

We stand here because our web of life is threatened with imminent extinction and the actions of humankind are the direct cause. Vulnerable communities have long suffered under the globalized economy resulting in the over accumulation of wealth and the over consumption of goods and services by a minority. Now, and now humanity as a whole face civilizational collapse within decades. This means the death of billions of people, and the extinction of millions of species – forever. We are sleepwalking into a catastrophe where the changes required to avert the worst disasters are technically, politically and economically possible.

More than thirty years ago, the UN and many of the world’s scientists started issuing public warnings that human society was heading for catastrophe if carbon emissions were not cut drastically. The first Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or IPCC) was released in 1990.Twenty-nine years later, humankind has emitted more carbon into the atmospheric carbon e since 1990exceeds that emitted in all of human history before then.the most abject failure in the history of humanity. Global emissions are still rising. Our neglect to curb carbon emissions is the most abject failure in the history of humanity.

We are on the brink of a 6th mass extinction event. It is not the result of natural disasters, but the result of human actions, and therefore, preventable by our actions. An asteroid hit our planet 65 million years ago. As a result of that impact, coupled with huge volcanic eruptions, 75% of life on Earth disappeared. Species are going extinct as fast now as they did then. This current, 6th mass extinction event, is not the result of natural disasters, but the result of our own actions.

All of life is at stake. There is no more time left to wait for governments across the world to implement gradual policy tweaks. Every person living on this planet in 2019 has both the right, and indeed the sacred duty to fight for life.

The time has come to tell the truth about the scale and the pace of climate change and to act on that truth.

To this end, a peaceful, non-violent international rebellion against the failure of corporations human institutions, organizations and governments to act decisively and appropriately to halt this course of destruction is being declared across the world on 15 April 2019.